Hey! I’m Lucas - I live in Asia and I love creating.

I run FMG Suite's Vietnam team and manage Agency Revolution’s Fuse Product. I sold Agency Revolution to FMG Suite in July 2017. FMG Suite is funded by K1 Capital Management.

At FMG we're a market changing juggernaut changing the way advisors and agents communicate.

In 2016 I started a craft brewery in my backyard. We’ve established a solid brand and brew great products. Our Mango IPA is leading the way.

I advise startups in the Vietnam community. I mentor young adults who are looking to grow their careers.

I’ve specialized in the Insurance Industry - focusing on independent agents - since 2000.

I’m a designer, marketer, writer and engineer. I’ve built a skillset targeted towards creating new things with dynamic teams.

Feel free to get in touch. [email protected]